Spirit Animals

I always thought my spirit animal was a wolf. Growing up, they were my forever favorite, and I had a healthy selection of wolf posters up on my half of the bedroom.  


After I got these boots, I realized that my spirit animal is actually a wolf in glitter boots. It might seem like a small (and/or ridiculous) change, but believe me, it’s significant.  I’m a glitter boots wolf. 


I’ve never been the type of person to buy things I don’t love and imagine myself wearing over and over for lots of years. That includes crazy boots. If I’m going to buy them, I’m going to wear them. Nothing gets dusty in my closet. And I like to really develop a working relationship with everything I wear. When you want to wear something standout, confidence is key. 


Not just for the sake of fashion, but for your own sanity, be honest with yourself when it comes to figuring out your spirit animal. I can’t be a tiger or a unicorn. I’m a wolf. Once you get that part figured out, getting dressed gets pretty easy.  


Happy Thursday! Thanks for reading.  

Brooke's Art

In the spirit of shopping small and supporting artists at the holidays (as well as always) I'm turning the spotlight on my longtime friend and artist of many styles, Brooke Nightingale.  For this post, Brooke is sharing a few fashion sketches she's done.  If you follow her on social media, you can get a sense of the tremendous scope of her artistic skills, as well as her warm, loving personality. Find her here:

Facebook: Brooke's Artwork // Twitter: @Brookeart2 // Instagram: @nightingalebrooke 


Brooke and I went to grade school in Connecticut together and I didn't know at that time that she was such an artist.  I have really enjoyed connecting with her in adulthood and watching her generate such inspiring work. Like me, she's a mother of multiple kids, works in education, and enjoys cultivating a personal sense of style through her clothes. Her fashion sense and mine have a fair amount of overlap!


Brooke is up for trying out just about anything artistically, and goes at her art with a sense of openness that generates amazingly fantastic finished products that seem so magically effortless.  She made these two sketches inspired by a couple of #ootd photos I took of myself:


Here is the artist herself! Do not hesitate to contact her at brooke.art@aol.com with business inquiries. She lives and works in western Connecticut, and her art is for sale both locally as well as via shipping.


Thanks for reading, everyone! Please consider the impactful decision to shop small and support independent artists as you make your holiday gifting choices.

Just buy Less

As someone who has developed a platform about being a minimalist, buying less, and shopping secondhand, the holiday season just gives me major anxiety.


Fortunately, both sides of my family have opted for the gift exchange model, wherein one person only buys a gift for one other person, and the surprise ends up being really fun, actually. Sometimes we add an extra rule, like the gifts have to be secondhand, experiential, or homemade.


I think a great experiential gift would be a family visit to the local landfill. I'm not even kidding. Stop buying shit you don't need.  Seeing where it ends up is a helpful first step. I've personally been to several landfills.  Guess how they smell.  Not great. Guess how they make you feel.  Worse. Yeah, seasonal drama here.


Something about the holiday season brings out the truth teller in me (as a feminist, I opted not to re-appropriate the word bitch here.  Hope you rolled with my choice).


This holiday season, do whatever the hell you want.  I won't judge.  But my personal preference is to use my head and just buy less.

Gap bodysuit (old) // Jimmy Choo sandals // AG velvet leggings (similar)