Prairie Promises

Well bonjour, and welcome to Wednesday.

I was leaning heavily on the glam for quite some time, and now I, like all the best pendulums, find myself swinging in a different direction.


 My seven-year-old is fiercely interested in collections.  She has a stressful number of collections.  I asked her once why she feels like she needs so many of them, and she told me, "I don't like to play with any of my collections for too long, because I love them all, and don't ever want to get bored of any of them." Also, she doesn't like eating leftovers because they don't taste "newish." Don't even try to pretend you don't feel the same way.  I only eat them out of a sense of budgetary and environmental duty.  Newish tasting, they are not.


I visited a historic general store recently, like from the Gold Rush, and was really excited about it.  I didn't expect to get so excited, but I should have known that I'd get swept up in the time machine of it all.  I love old stuff.  Give me all the old stuff! But dust it off first, please.  Not a fan of dusty stuff at all.  All of the clothes in the old store were super basic and useful and industrious looking and I loved them.  While fully aware that typhoid and falling into the well were legitimate issues back then, I definitely had some pretty deep fantasies about sweeping the porch of my prairie homestead while clothed in a calico frock.


I think I might be following this homestead vibe for a while, but I can't make any strict promises.  After all, we've already agreed that leftovers don't taste newish, and so I might have to sweep the porch in glitter boots just to make sure nobody gets bored. 


Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a super sweet midweek evening.

So Much Sunshine

"You are so much sunshine in every square inch." -Walt Whitman


I'm feeling transitional at the moment.  It's not just the start of the new year (or maybe it is?) but I'm just feeling ready to try new things.  I used to think transitions were so rough.  But not anymore.  Now I see them for the cool beans that they are.


Usually I talk a lot.  I mean A LOT.  Just ask my sister or my office mate Veronica.  Except during transitions I do most of the talking internally.  Usually this meditational approach serves me well.  In fact, it's only really a problem when I'm "transitioning" to buying an expensive handbag and I don't really discuss it with my husband.  Ahem.


Lately I've been working on my patience, and the better I get at it, the more I can do the BIG PAUSE that allows the beautiful moments in.  I like it.  I'm hoping for more of that.


Hope you're having a sunny week, weather-related or otherwise. Thanks for reading.

Intermix hat (sold out) // Quay Australia sunglasses // Levis shirt // Madewell jeans (old) // Baracuta jacket // Banana Republic gloves (old)

Black Magic

Bonjour from cloudy Santa Clara. I bought this two-piece suit from American Apparel several years ago when I had certain aspirations that have since subsided. But my winds blow back and forth a lot, so I still get a fair amount of use from it.  


I’ve worn both pieces as daytime separates. Even when I tone them down, they do seem to be items that make the pulses of strangers race. American Apparel kind of went bankrupt or got scandalized and now they are back. I’m into them. I’m also into the Tour de France, so the verdict is still out as to whether or not I have good judgement. 


On a different note, I’m finding myself drawn to earther, less glam visions. Next time I wear this it will probably be in the woods with a flower crown. 


Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend.