Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Hello, sweet readers! I promise that I won't wax dramatic and blah blah blah about the cold weather today.  Even I'm getting sick of how much I've been obsessing about that.  Sheesh! Drop a girl a line (it's on the "contact me" tab) and let me know when I'm getting too ridiculous.


How fun is this house? Let's pretend we live here. My closet is full of carefully curated (ew! I said one of my least favorite blogger words there!) vintage finds and small, emerging eco-friendly labels, and I eat a brunch of tropical fruits on this breakfast bar swing every morning after I do a yoga session on my back deck overlooking a beautiful San Francisco cityscape.


You can be my husband (or my best friend, in which case, go up to the previous section, like your favorite choose-your-own-adventure book from second grade, and repeat my fantasy, except fill in your own name this time) and you just struck it rich with a cool app that washes your clothes for you and then donates fresh drinking water to people without access to it so you spend all of your time fixing up old Land Rovers and yes, you can do yoga with me because flexibility is good for your constitution.


Ok, so for dinner do you want to head over to that new sushi place or stop by Rainbow Grocery and pick up a few things to make a veggie lasagna? As you know, I really dislike surround sounds, but we can put the new Valerie June album on a single speaker and watch the sun set together.

I had the best virtual day with you.

Photos by Julia O. Test // Location by Peerspace // Free People dress

Cold Snap

Back when I was in grad school, I took a class on the poetry of different climates - as in different temperatures (not a political thing or a religious thing or anything like that) - and it was some of the most fascinating learning I've ever experienced.


During the semester, we compared the poetry of native Alaskans to that of people from the Amazon rainforest.  It came as a total surprise, and yet really isn't surprising at all, to discover that climate dramatically informs poetry style.  The poems of the native Alaskans were sparse; the words were short, the lines were short, the stanzas were short.  The topics were bleak.


The poetry from the Amazon rainforest was abundant.  The words were luscious and the lines and stanzas stretched on for miles. The topics were warm and made me feel good.


The weather has turned quite cold, and feels crueler so for snapping on the tail of the tease of spring. You see that? I've attempted a rainforest sentence there, and it just falls flat.  There's no denying what cold weather does to the written word.


Thanks for reading. Stay warm.

Chanel jacket (vintage) // Citizens of Humanity jeans // Everlane boots // J.Crew top // J.Crew blanket scarf (similar)

Warm Tones

Well, we've definitely gotten to that point in winter where everyone is just over it and kind of grumpy and bleh and uninspired.  With a bit of effort, I can still find plenty to smile about, of course, but last week's warm snap (is that a thing?) was a mean tease. I'm readier than ready for spring.


I can't get enough of warm tones lately.  I used to stay strictly in the neutral zone, speaking in terms of color.  But for the past month or so I just want all the reds and yellows and oranges all over me all the time.  Especially that warm mustardy yellow that is everywhere lately.  It's delicious!

Once in high school, I came home from the thrift shop with a v-neck velour sweatshirt in that shade and when I showed my mother she exclaimed, "Oh my god, I donated that to Goodwill last week and you just paid for it!" Not entirely sure of the lesson, except possibly that my mother and I have, against all odds, similar taste in shirts, and/or we need to work on our communication.


I used to spend a lot of time in Los Angeles in the winter, when the sky is clear and you can see far, far, far into the hills. We caught that kind of day in San Francisco when we shot this look. There is something so primally satisfying about a long, clear view of the land.  I suppose we have winter to thank, at least, for that.


Cheers to Thursday! Thanks for reading.

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