No Pants Island

It’s one of my favorite Simpsons references, and since it’s relevant, I went with it.  


I have this major need to not be landlocked. And I wrote that sentence that way on purpose. I need to live by the sea. I also need to control my literary destiny.  


I can’t really express how right this photoset feels. Sergio tried to remove my tucked-in hair from my sweater collar and I freaked out because tucked in is just so right here. I’m wearing all my comfort stuff at once. Try it; you’ll like it. Then go to your comfort place and - wow  - get ready for incredible. 


As the French say, FIN. Thanks for reading.

Anthropologie sweater // WhoWhatWear Collection dress // Frye boots. 

Old Styles, New Styles

My hairdresser for a number of years was a fantastic man named Carlos.  Eventually Carlos decided to become a therapist, and after all the requisite years of schooling, he left the hairdressing profession to move on to the next phase of his professional life.  If he's even half the therapist he was as a hairdresser, he's already doing the world a great service.


One time, Carlos and I were discussing why people stuck with hairstyles that had gone tragically out of fashion or were not flattering to who they'd become.  He told me, "Well, we all tend to return to the styles that have served us well." Isn't that that truth.


I probably wouldn't have purchased a pair of cropped brown velvet pants.  Because it's true, I tend to reach for the same trusted styles over and over.  However, my office mate Veronica received these pants accidentally bundled in with an order she made online, and they were exactly my size.  "Run to the bathroom and try these on!" she exclaimed when she opened them. "You're going to look great in these!" Sure am glad I did.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Thanks for reading.

Vintage blouse // Anthropologie pants (sold out) // Dansko shoes // Celine sunglasses

Pet Peeves

Today, let's talk about pet peeves.  One of mine is public speakers who make apologies before they begin.  The apologies can really run the range of serious to casual, but guess what? I like none of them ZERO.  I'm in touch with the concepts of self-consciousness, nervousness, fearfulness, but I don't buy the apology bologna. (I actually don't buy any bologna.)


Complainers! Number two pet peeve.  When I was a teacher, I used to employ a particular concept to exorcise the "complaint demon" that tends to take up residency in all of us.  Teens like to groan when an essay is assigned.  Guess what? Eighth grade English teachers are kind of expected to assign a lot of essays.  So every time I would assign one, I'd say "Hey! Let's all take a minute to turn to our neighbor and complain about how much we HATE THIS ASSIGNMENT!" And now, let's just get on with doing it. That's just about as much complaining as I'm game for.


My final pet peeve is busyness.  That is correct.  I cannot stand the phase "I am so busy." Everyone has the same 24-hours per day and everyone (outside of war torn zones and the like) is reasonably in control of how to slice and dice those hours.  It's just prioritization, folks.  If you didn't do something, you weren't too busy.  You just prioritized something else.  I have three kids and two pets and a spouse and a full time job.  Some people have more kids or job stuff.  Some have fewer.  But we all have the same amount of time and we are the bosses of it.


Ha! Happy Spring! Thanks for reading, and I'd love to hear your peeves.