Black Magic

Bonjour from cloudy Santa Clara. I bought this two-piece suit from American Apparel several years ago when I had certain aspirations that have since subsided. But my winds blow back and forth a lot, so I still get a fair amount of use from it.  


I’ve worn both pieces as daytime separates. Even when I tone them down, they do seem to be items that make the pulses of strangers race. American Apparel kind of went bankrupt or got scandalized and now they are back. I’m into them. I’m also into the Tour de France, so the verdict is still out as to whether or not I have good judgement. 


On a different note, I’m finding myself drawn to earther, less glam visions. Next time I wear this it will probably be in the woods with a flower crown. 


Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend.  

Go Big

Have you ever gone to a sort of uppity art museum in a completely sheet bodysuit and then realized that no one there could handle it? Thanks; asking for a friend.


I'm actually interested in discussing big earrings.  Historically, I wear really small earrings and I am rather picky about them.  When I was in high school, I read a news article (remember the newspaper?) about a basketball player who was wearing a pair of stud earrings during a game and got hit in the neck and it didn't end well. Because I get terrified easily, I decided I wasn't going to wear stud earrings anymore. You never know when somebody might knock you in the neck.


My sister is a big earrings girl.  She gave me this pair for my birthday and I got really excited.  Twenty years after the original terror about stud earrings, here I am wearing some and not panicking.  I guess I'm all grown up. Also, don't they look amazing? Big earrings rule!


Maybe everyone at the museum was actually looking at my big earrings and not my sheer bodysuit.


Thanks for reading and happy Sunday!

L'ecole des Femmes bodysuit // Paige jeans // Christian Louboutin shoes // Chanel bag // Goorin Bros. hat // Steve Madden coat // Dear Drew earrings

What a Year

I’m actually not going to write any sort of retrospective because frankly, I find them totally exhausting. Doing 2017 once was enough!


I had this great conversation with a teenage daughter of a friend of mine once. She explained to me that she’s noticed there are two kinds of adults: the ones who talk about their future plans, and the ones who revisit their past experiences over and over. Her hunch is that the past-visitors have more unresolved baggage weighing them down.  2018 is here, time marches on; let us not enter the new year weighted down by what could have been. 


I’m looking forward to lots this year. I want to be more artistic and spend more time outside. But who really needs to know what intentions I’m setting for myself? Life is such an intensely personal journey. It’s probably sufficient to say I’d like to be a more mindful person, and you can just trust me with the details. 


I’d like to adopt every orphaned child, clean every corner of my house, work a million times harder as a mother, a partner, and at my paid job. I’d also like to overthink things less, let go of seeing the world in absolutes, and just generally lighten up a bit. If there’s time, perhaps I’ll start ballet again and spend some time playing the piano and practicing my French.  


Good health to you in the new year; without that, the other goals become tremendously unimportant. As ever, thanks for reading.