Chinatown Pretty

San Francisco Chinatown is the most amazing kaleidoscope of colors. It's patterns and prints galore! The senior citizens are absolutely one of the best features of the neighborhood; everyone is so active and social. I am in love with the work that Andria Lo and Valerie Luu have done to document the vibrant fashions of the Chinatown residents over the years. And I am super excited that their work is currently on showcase in the 41 Ross Alley exhibit space, open through February 28. Although I follow Chinatown Pretty on Instagram, I haven't been to see the photographs in person yet. I am sure seeing the images in large scale will add to the impact they have on the viewer. The opening day event looks like it was wonderful! So many of the featured residents came out to attend and partake in the celebration. Keep it up, Chinatown SF!