Autumn Blues

One of my all-time favorite dress silhouettes is the short skirt + long sleeves combo.  It's so modest and so suggestive all at once.  I just love it! Typically, I gravitate toward neutrals.  I have a lot of tattoos and I don't like to add much more to the mix in terms of visual stimulation. However, one of the brighter shades I do enjoy a lot is cobalt blue.  It's so unexpected! Growing up in Connecticut, October was always my favorite month.  It isn't humid, it isn't freezing, and the leaves turn the loveliest colors. Though I have been in California for a decade and a half, I still miss it.  We are finally getting cool enough weather that I am able to use over-the-knee boots.  Hurry up, fall! 

Thanks for reading!

Goorin Bros hat // American Apparel dress // Nine West jacket (old) //Vivienne Westwood bag (updated) // Vince Camuto boots (old) //Valentino sunglasses // Crave necklace