Shopping on Melrose

My husband and I had a whirlwind weekend in Los Angeles. For me, the highlight was an afternoon of thrift and vintage shopping on Melrose! I also made my way into Vivienne Westwood's boutique, too, since I am such a diehard fan of her styles and her climate change advocacy work.

Our shopping trip took on an unexpected twist when we stumbled upon a lovely Chris Benz couture gown with a very notorious backstory to it.  Our dear friend Jessica Nichols, photographer behind the imagery of Sweet Eventide, found herself shocked and dismayed several years ago when she discovered her beautiful photograph, "Loads of Ranunculus" had been used in unlicensed form on a collaboration between Chris Benz and Lancome, exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue.  

I was shocked, too, to find the lovely dress in Decades, a consignment shop on Melrose with an impeccably curated selection of used couture garments and accessories.

Despite our surprise at finding the stolen work of our dear friend, we did enjoy the weekend in LA tremendously.  Check it out!