Leather and Silk

My very favorite way to dress is to mix classic investment pieces with elevated secondhand items. Last year, I invested in a gorgeous Belstaff leather skirt in a classic miniskirt shape. I have put some serious miles on this skirt since I bought it! I did take the time to have it tailored so it would be a perfect fit, and although tailoring leather can be expensive, it is absolutely worth it! If you invest in a classic item, make sure it fits perfectly. You'll love it all the more and reach for it again and again. You'll also look and feel more confident because a tailor knows how to make a garment flatter your unique figure. Because I frequently shop secondhand, I often need to tailor my pieces, and I do use an upscale shop because I want my clothes looking great! 

For this look, I paired the skirt with a secondhand silk top, a feminine contrast to the toughness of leather. I adore the playfulness of knee socks, and while I often wear them with tall boots, they really make a statement with loafers.  Makes me feel like I just jumped out of some mod 1960's UK music video!


It might look like I'm all business, but I actually had a great time at Maison 140 in LA!

Top (secondhand) - Kate Spade New York // Skirt (similar) - Belstaff // Loafers (similar) - Salvatore Ferragamo // Knee socks - J.Crew // Bag (old) - Cole Haan