Holiday Sequins

Hello and whoa! What am I doing here? This look is a little bit trendy.  I mean, sequins? Yes, I love the glam factor and no, don't worry, I still love classic style over all else.  And yes, I am also wearing leggings. Gosh, who doesn't? But these do have an adorable tuxedo stripe up the sides. 


This winter, I cannot get enough of fedoras.  Such a classic silhouette, which can be done well in any number of different colors, and deliciously unisex, too. 


I'm wearing some old favorites alongside some new favorites here.  The Manolos are a newer (though not fast fashion-paced new) addition, as well as the hat, which was one of two Black Friday purchases this past November.  


I have had this sequinned jacket for a couple of years now, though it only gets occasional use.  Sequins, like your birthday, wouldn't be special if they were celebrated every day, right?


Busy week! Holiday times are fast and furious.  Hope everyone can hit the pause button and take time to R E L A X and enjoy it.

Goorin Bros. hat // Abercrombie & Fitch jacket (old) // Abercrombie & Fitch leggings (old) // J.Crew top (old)  // Manolo Blahnik pumps // Ann Taylor clutch (old)