Sunshine for the New Year

Let's interrupt this dreary winter with a throwback post to a wonderful trip my husband and I took to the Dominican Republic when it was much, much warmer outside. I grew up in New
England, and we thought we had humid summers there, but my gosh, that weather is no match for the blast furnace humidity of the islands.  And I love it! I'm not even kidding.


We visited Punta Cana, and it was the most wonderfully relaxing week we have had without our kids since, well, since they were born, actually.  Thank you, grandparents! When you've got three kids, you get used to burning the midnight oil (oh no, I just used one of my mother's expressions, which is another horrifying thing that happens once you have kids) and it can take a few days to actually remember how to relax.  


This week was all about comfort over formality.  I absolutely love to put myself together with a sharp looking head-to-toe ensemble, curled hair, and a made-up face.  But taking a week off from that regimen is nice, too.  I like both lifestyles differently.  Doing it one way makes me appreciate doing it the other way. 


May sunshine warm your path wherever 2017 takes you!