Valentine's Day Part Two

On a plane ride to Dallas last month I brought along the first edition of Porter magazine.  I browsed all the fun parts and saved the more serious article, "Can You Bare It?" by Lisa Hilton for the hotel.  

It turned out to be a thought-provoking read about the multi-faceted and constantly evolving world of feminism.  Hilton's central discussion revolves around concern for the disappearing presence of the nude female image.  She specifically sites the removal of nudes from the annual Pirelli calendar and from the print version of Playboy magazine, and the slippery message this removal sends.  In both cases, ostensibly the nude images of the female body have been removed to "empower" women; however, a closer look brings this empowerment squarely into question.  As Hilton puts it, men are the decision-makers pulling the nude imagery from these publications, and inappropriately doing so in the name of feminism.  Her article culminates with a call to arms - or perhaps more aptly, a call to remove clothing - for women.  She urges women to consider the power of the nude, and to claim it for themselves.

I took her advice to heart, and mulled over it for a while.  After a wonderfully indulgent evening in San Francisco recently at the erotic supper club Our Gourmet Life, which served as a slightly belated Valentine and slightly early birthday celebration, my husband and I woke up in the beautiful Clift hotel just as the sunshine was creeping through the blinds into our room.  It was the perfect setting to take some morning photos, which is just what we did.  Some nude, and some nearly nude, and all certainly in the spirit of Hall's argument. While I hope you enjoy them, dear readers, whether your do or not is second to the enjoyment I had in posing for them and sharing them for everyone to see.  True beauty begins with confidence.

No makeup, and I didn't even brush my hair!

No makeup, and I didn't even brush my hair!

Happy Valenitne's Day Part Two! I hope you remembered to love yourself.