Afternoon Date

Hello, everyone!

I find afternoon dates to be some of the most difficult to dress for, and recently, my husband I had just such a date. For daytime dates, I like to keep my look more casual. And for evening or nighttime dates, I like to glam it up. But the afternoon is a tricky transitional time of day, especially if you aren't quite sure how late you'll be out, or exactly where the date might end. To add an additional layer of complication, we were headed to San Francisco, where the fog can make the weather do all sorts of unexpected things.

Sticking to my goals, I shopped the closet for this date! I decided to pair a cozy, neutral Ann Taylor sweater and patent pumps with my Belstaff leather skirt. It was a super comfy outfit that kept me warm and transitioned easily from afternoon shopping to dinner date. I also brought my Steve Madden faux leopard fur coat along, but it ended up staying in the car because the fog wasn't as thick as I feared it might be. In fact, when we first arrived to San Francisco, the morning fog was burning off and the evening fog hadn't rolled in yet, so we hit a spot of warmer weather (it is May, after all!) that made me wish I had put on a lighter layer underneath the sweater.  But within an hour, the fog was rolling back in, and the sweater was just the right amount of warmth for window shopping.

Sweater (old) - Ann Taylor * Skirt (similar) - Belstaff * Shoes - Ann Taylor * Bag (similar) - Vivienne Westwood * Phone Case - Sonix