Nothing New

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I can't believe how much fun I am having shopping the closet! Initially, when I decided to try and go purchase-free for a year, I was worried I would get bored using what I already own.  But on the contrary; I'm finding that I grow fonder and fonder of what I have, and feel really content with my decision.  I'm also realizing that my decision to invest primarily in classics is paying off.  Most of my older items are basics that can be pulled out over and over again without looking dated. And, as the weather changes, I am getting some variety in my wardrobe naturally!

I put together this closet-shopped look for a walk through Stanford campus last weekend.

Hat - J.Crew * Top (old) - J.Crew * Pants (old) - Ann Taylor * Sunglasses - Kate Spade New York * Bag - J.Crew * Earrings (old) - Nordstrom