New Car Romance

I got a new car and I was loooooong overdue! Mostly, I ride my bike.  Pollution, people! We all have to do our part.  However, I can't bike one hundred percent of the time.  I'd like to, but I just can't.  I needed a new car, not because I am a terrible environmentalist, but because I am a real person. A good friend, who knows that my inner most secret weakness is for sporty cars, and that I will be a  race car driver in my next life (and an excellent musician in the life after that, and then maybe a librarian) counseled me to get a Ford Focus RS, so I did.  

The Focus RS is finally shipping from Germany to the United States in limited quantities. I was slated to receive a gray one, but serendipity handed me a bright blue one.  I wasn't sure about this change in plan initially, but once I saw it, I was in loooooove! This is not a technical car review, but I will say that the car is fast, powerful, and handles better than I could ever have hoped for.  My husband keeps thinking of reasons that he *needs* to drive it, although, technically, it's mine. Ha!

We drove it to Oakland recently, and here are some images from that day.

This is as cliche as it gets, people.

This is as cliche as it gets, people.

When we were ready to head to dinner, I added an extra layer. These next few pictures are iPhone'd, but you can see that my beloved leather Belstaff skirt got yet another night on the town.

Hope your Friday was as fast and furious as mine!

Top (old) - American Apparel * Shorts (old) - American Apparel * Skirt (similar) - Belstaff * Jacket (old) - Nine West * Shoes  (sold out) - Manolo Blahnik * Lipstick - Cana by Aveda