How to be a Glamorous Shoe Minimalist

Let's face it: there's no shortage of jaw-droppingly massive, gorgeous shoe collections in the world of fashion bloggers. And, as much as I love eye candy, and getting lost in a fantasy of endless possibilities, you can look and feel sensational with a small, well-curated selection of shoes. Pro tip: if you want to love your shoes, it doesn't pay to buy cheap ones. Invest, invest, invest! Let's look at my carefully edited shoe selection to learn more about how to walk the walk (pun intended) of a glamorous shoe minimalist.


Even a minimalist fashionista will need a few different pairs of heels. Here's how to keep it basic without making it boring. Let's get this party started!

1. Classic black patent: Christian Louboutin New Simple

A classic black patent heel effortlessly elevates a pair of jeans and perfectly complements any LBD. And it doesn't get any more elegant than Christian Louboutin,

2. Strappy sandal: Jimmy Choo

If you're going to be showing off a lot of foot, might as well go with a sexy color, like bright red. And Jimmy Choo knows how to do sexy.

3. The nude heel: Ann Taylor

The nude heel is every working girl's best fried.  I pair mine with a navy sheath or black pencil skirt regularly. You can go patent or not.  For work wear, I sent to select a lower price point for my shoes than I do for the shoes I wear in my off-duty hours, though I won't go too low; that's when fit and quality become a noticeably disappointing issue.

4. The wildcard: Manolo Blanhik

Even a shoe minimalist needs an extraordinary pair of heels that make her feel like a goddess. Use this pair to spice up any otherwise standard outfit.  I choose my pair in the shape I am least likely to wear, the pointy toe, and in my favorite color, purple (with a hint of metallic). This pair of shoes is both my least practical and most favorite pair in the closet, hands down.


Anyone with kids knows that wearing heels all the time is a hilarious proposition.  Actually, anyone with common sense knows it. 

1. Loafer: Salvatore Ferragamo

Note: I'm not covering these Steve Madden shoes in this post, since a true minimalist doesn't need a second pair of strappy sandals.  But yeah, I do own these cute blush suede sandals!

Note: I'm not covering these Steve Madden shoes in this post, since a true minimalist doesn't need a second pair of strappy sandals.  But yeah, I do own these cute blush suede sandals!

Especially if you're a petite gal like me, there's no faster way to pump up the Audrey Hepburn charm than to slip into a pair of loafers. Paired with a classic skinny copped pant, you're golden.

2. Animal print flats: Tory Burch

I wear these flats much as one would wear ballet flats, which I do not own, because...well, I. Just. Can't. The weigh too heavily on the meh end of the shoe scale. A pair of animal print flats with oversized gold studs, however, are instant foot swag.

3. Comfy slip-on: Vans

Over the years, I have owned my fair share of Vans.  The current iteration is the gold version made in collaboration with J.Crew.  Yep, I'm getting old if I'm buying my Vans at J.Crew.


1. Classic knee boot: Clarks

I have had this pair of boots for years. I cannot bear to replace them, though they have become very worn, because they are boot perfection.  Cable stitching! Narrow shaft! Hits at just the right spot! And that cable stitching. This is everything a classic knee boot should be.

2. Over the knee: Vince Camuto

Over the knee boots are sexy, defined.  Therefore, black is essential. And furthermore, I opted for a pair with a chunky heel rather than a stiletto to provide a bit of versatility.


The best part of summer is how readily it affords wardrobe simplicity. You don't need lots of sandals!

1. Slip on: Birkenstock

I live in my Birkenstocks all summer.  I am a latecomer to the Birkenstock party.  But now that I'm here, I'll be the last one dancing.

There we have it! A neat and tidy ten-pair list of glamorous, minimalist shoe essentials.  Do I own a few more pairs than I have covered here? Yes, (wedge espadrilles, running shoes, booties) I do.  But I strive toward minimalism, not an endless closet of options.  I find that I love the shoes I own a lot, because I have edited my purchases so carefully.  

Go forth and choose wisely! Being a shoe minimalist is tremendously stylish and lots of fun.