Borrowed from the Boys

I can't get enough of androgynous, borrowed-from-the-boys style lately. I wouldn't say it's my exclusive look, or even my signature look, but I would say it's a style I return to and enjoy exploring in many different iterations.


For this post, I decided to put together a completely formal menswear look.  As I have mentioned in other posts, one of the aspects of menswear on women that I especially appreciate is the way it upsets the traditional gender-based power dynamic without sacrificing femininity, which I also enjoy as an element of my personal fashion sense.


My husband told me that I act differently when I wear menswear.  He said I walk with a more confident air, and hold my shoulders more assertively.  I guess I'm verging on a real-talk session here.  It's true that a good deal of media messaging women receive throughout their lives is aimed at achieving a submissive ideal, which is something many women can't shake off, or even put a finger on because it is oftentimes so subtly ingrained in the messaging.


I usually reach for a dress when my husband and I have a date night.  I wonder how it would feel if I didn't. I'm lucky my husband and I are so well-matched for each other.  He tells me regularly that he loves me, at my essence, and whatever I do with my physical appearance that makes me feel I'm expressing myself in ways I want to show to the world are details he can easily fold into that love. If I decided to wear a tuxedo for Valentine's Day brunch, he'd be into it.


Cheers to upsetting the status quo! It usually needs a little nudge, doesn't it?

Banana Republic blazer // Banana Republic pants // Banana Republic shirt // Jaxon hat // Oliver Peoples sunglasses // Ben Sherman bow tie (old) // Anthropologie belt (thrifted) // Vivienne Westwood bag (old) // Christian Louboutin shoes