Million Mile Legs, Million Dollar Booty Jeans

...and the best part is that they didn't cost anywhere near two million dollars.


Sometimes I fatigue of how much the trends in denim changes.  After all, jeans are one of the most iconic types of pants in the universe.  It's hard to walk that tightrope between keeping current and staying classic.  I tend to just stay classic, but variety is the spice of life, so once in a while I like to add something zesty to my denim selection.


I purchased a ruffly pink Banana Republic blouse for my wardrobe recently (see me wearing it styled in a totally different way in this blog post) and it is a surprisingly versatile top.  I knew right away that I could pair it with these Madewell 70's style flares to channel some serious vintage vibes.  


These jeans create just the right shape in just the right places.  I love the ultra high waist and the floor-skimming bells. Legs for miles! For this look, I paired the jeans with a Ferragamo belt I scored secondhand. I love the gold hardware details on it.


I can't wait to wear these jeans in warmer weather.  They would look pretty great with a cotton t-shirt and wedge sandals.  I could go on. Maybe I'll marry these pants.

Goorin Bros. hat // Banana Republic blouse (last season) // Valentino sunglasses (old) // Juicy Couture umbrella (old) // Cole Haan bag (old) // Salvatore Ferragamo belt (vintage) // Madewell Farmer's Market jeans //Bobbi Brown "Russian Doll" lipstick