Silk and Pleats

Bonjour, tout le monde!


Today I'm sharing an easy, elevated look. Our northern California weather has sadly taken a turn back to cold. The one saving grace is how wonderfully clear and blue the sky becomes when the temperature drops.  It's breathtaking, really. And I've found that it inspires the palette I want to use when getting dressed.


I bought a color wheel recently.  I got it at the art supply store. I'm obsessed with it! It's the good, old fashioned wheel that turns to show how different color pairings work together.  I've been putting shades together in new and different ways since I bought it.  I'm considering going back for a second pocket-sized wheel that I can carry with me when I'm out and about.  They're very inexpenensive; I believe I paid about six dollars for the larger wheel, and I've certainly gotten plenty of use out of it in the few weeks I've had it on hand. Definitely recommend!


Silk is one of my favorite easy, breezy dress-up fabrics. However, don't make a stain on it! Nobody ever said "don't cry over stained silk" and there's a reason for that. It's impossible to clean.  But unstained silk is just the loveliest, most romantic fabric.  If I had a rock band, I'd write an epic ballad named Unstained Silk and it would be an instant classic.


Pleated, knee-length skirts are a forever favorite. I remember wearing them in middle school, in high school, in college, and seeing pictures of my mother wearing them before I was born. Pleated skirt, you passed the test.  You can join the Classics Club. And I will wear you in solids and in plaids, in all four seasons, in wool and in cotton (and cotton blends, which is what I'm wearing here in this post).  It's kind of magical how you can sit on the pleats and really crunch them up and they go right back to looking like perfectly organized rows of French school children.  Color me enchanted.


Hey, new shoes! Who doesn't love getting a new pair of shoes and then wearing the heck out of them? It's unreal how comfy these Banana Republic stilettos are! I think the secret is in the strappiness.  I should definitely test this theory by purchasing as many different pairs of strappy stilettos as I can and comparing the comfortability of each of them (if my husband is reading this, rest assured this is a scientific experiment that will benefit all of humanity and not a thinly veiled ploy to feed a shoe addiction).


It's hard to talk about the Tory Burch Robinson bag without getting the obvious song stuck in my head for the next hour or so.  Whoops, there it goes.  I love mine! Blue is such an under appreciated neutral.  And that silver hardware! These days, it's all about the gold accents.  I'm no anti-gold grouch; in fact I like it quite a lot, but I'm also that zany gal who mixes her gold and silver together. Yep, that's me.  Blue Robinson with silver hardware, I salute you.  You've been a good handbag for years gone by and I'll keep reaching for you for years to come.

Happy Sunday! Believe it or not, we are headed out to play a bit of soccer.  I wonder where I can find a pair of strappy stiletto cleats.

Kate Spade New York blouse (thrifted) // American Apparel skirt (old) // Tory Burch bag (old) // Banana Republic shoes (thrifted)