Nothing New Here

Today's look features a "new-old" and an "old-old" piece.  Two of my favorites types of wardrobe items!  First, let's discuss this "new-old" skirt.  


It's vintage Saint Laurent and I had my eye on it for weeks before I decided to go for it. Secondhand items are such a gamble.  You can't wait too long because someone else will come along and snatch them up.  On the other hand, I try very hard to avoid impulse purchases.  I do have fairly good fashion intuition, and while I often know right away if an item is really "right" for me or not, I still try to hit the pause button and see how I feel about it after I sleep on it for a night.  Or three.  But sometimes with vintage, when you snooze, you lose.  It's just part of the game.


I love solids and this blue is perfect for spring! (Fun fact: it's also a perfect match to the color of my car and the color of my recycling bin.  Obviously fate is at work.)  It's also extremely well-constructed (which is necessary if you plan to wear things season after season) and the cut is timeless (also a bonus for long-term closet investment pieces).  It was love at first sight, and I'm so glad this skirt is mine! I can't stop, won't stop with the tea-length skirts lately (see my other two recent loves here and here).


On to the "old-old" piece.  This Diane Von Furstenberg jacket is something I've had since grad school.  I just adore it! Navy blue is one of my favorite neutrals and the cut is absolutely timeless and feminine.  I could not possibly list the number of different ways I have dressed this jacket up and down in the ten plus years I've owned it.  Cheers to ten more years (or more!) of styling it in new ways and old favorite ways.  I'm so glad it's such a durable piece because I've grown so fond of it that I'm not sure I could handle letting it go.  Definitely one of my very favorite wardrobe pieces.


I really do love everything in my closet! I edit carefully and nothing goes unworn.  It's the best feeling, really, to choose to own only what you love.

Agent Provocateur bodysuit (old) // Saint Laurent skirt (vintage // Diane Von Furstenberg jacket (old) // Ann Taylor clutch (old) // Oliver Peoples sunglasses // Christian Louboutin shoes