Top Nine of 2018

Well, hello there! Earlier this week I realized it is already time for everybody to hurry up and get retrospective real fast because my gosh! The year is up in a few more days! Let’s have a lewk at my top nine images from Instagram this year.


But wait! There’s more! I’ll do a bit of behind-the-scenes on each photo. Get comfy; after all, we’ve got nine to chat through.


I took this photo myself, and very casually with my phone. I went to my parents’ house in Santa Cruz and found this lovely heart-shaped succulent planter in their backyard. I think someone made it for them. One snap and one text-addition later, it became a hit.


Another selfie! But obviously with a timer. This one is from a hotel in Dallas where I spent a few days on a business trip last January. It was before we remodeled our bathroom at home, so taking a hotel bath was high on my list of things to do in my down time during that stay.


This was one taken at Mission Loft in San Francisco. I love it there. The aesthetic is spot-on. I’d take all of my blog photos there if it were possible. You should take your photos there, too! David Han took this photo.


This one was shot at Devil’s Slide in Pacifica. Bradley Wittke took it. We got really lucky with the fog that day and shot a ton of beautiful images.


This image was taken by my husband Sergio at my favorite park in Palo Alto, Bol Park. If you’re local and you’ve never been, it is definitely worth the trip. Two very sweet rescue donkeys live there and a beautiful creek flows through it all.


David Han shot this image during a Layneau trunk show at French Theft Lingerie. It wasn’t actually one of the items I was intended to wear for the show, but I guest at the event was so enthusiastic about seeing it worn that I put it on…and ended up keeping it!


Julia O. Test shot this photo at a super fun Peerspace event in Potrero Hill. That view, tho! It was my introduction to the Peerspace concept, which is a fun and creative way to access authentically interesting photo venues.


Sergio took this photo. It was actually January 1, 2018, and we were on a sailboat to ring in the new year. I’d like to make this an annual tradition. It was emotionally satisfying to have the vastness of the ocean sweep us into the vastness of the just-born year. This year we are returning from a week-long trip on the 31st, so maybe it will be an every-other year tradition. Or maybe you only live once!


This photo was taken at the same Peerspace event as the pic with the sweeping SF skyline in it. Savannah Tuma, of Style West, took it. It was so fun to meet her! I’d followed her on Instagram and read her blog for a while, but there’s no substitute for meeting someone in real life! She’s the sweetest.

Cheers to a new year! Looking forward to lots more creative energy and inspiration. Thanks for reading!