I used to find New Year’s resolutions really helpful. They provide structure, goal-setting, and meanginful context to your life. They build in annual reflection. But as I’ve gotten older (ugh, that phrase) I’ve really started turning toward the idea of evolution and self-improvement as a process devoid of particular start points. 

I ascribe a certain amount of this shift to the simple and painful truth that as we all walk through life, we lose friends, lovers, family members, pets, even elements of ourselves—both the physical and the intellectual.  

Thus, the idea of waiting for January 1st to get something important started, or break a bad habit, or make a big change, starts to feel like a bargain with time that isn’t worth the risk. 

In that spirit, I am sharing a list of what I’ve strived to become this past year, and what I’ll keep working on as the first of the year arrives, and as always, passes.  


What will you become this year?

Thank you for reading along. I am so grateful, and so motivated to keep it up in 2019.  

PC:  Anna Rose Monroe Photography