Pet Peeves

Today, let's talk about pet peeves.  One of mine is public speakers who make apologies before they begin.  The apologies can really run the range of serious to casual, but guess what? I like none of them ZERO.  I'm in touch with the concepts of self-consciousness, nervousness, fearfulness, but I don't buy the apology bologna. (I actually don't buy any bologna.)


Complainers! Number two pet peeve.  When I was a teacher, I used to employ a particular concept to exorcise the "complaint demon" that tends to take up residency in all of us.  Teens like to groan when an essay is assigned.  Guess what? Eighth grade English teachers are kind of expected to assign a lot of essays.  So every time I would assign one, I'd say "Hey! Let's all take a minute to turn to our neighbor and complain about how much we HATE THIS ASSIGNMENT!" And now, let's just get on with doing it. That's just about as much complaining as I'm game for.


My final pet peeve is busyness.  That is correct.  I cannot stand the phase "I am so busy." Everyone has the same 24-hours per day and everyone (outside of war torn zones and the like) is reasonably in control of how to slice and dice those hours.  It's just prioritization, folks.  If you didn't do something, you weren't too busy.  You just prioritized something else.  I have three kids and two pets and a spouse and a full time job.  Some people have more kids or job stuff.  Some have fewer.  But we all have the same amount of time and we are the bosses of it.


Ha! Happy Spring! Thanks for reading, and I'd love to hear your peeves.