Ship Comes In

Do you ever feel like William Shakespeare and Bob Dylan already wrote all the best sentences in English? I could just cut and paste and number of songs or sonnets right here and have a really solid blog post. And while we’re at it, this outfit would probably look better on Bob Dylan than William Shakespeare, for what it’s worth. 


I love this time of year. Spring keeps teasing, and I’m going to tease right on back. Bare arms at the beach before the first official day of spring? That’s right. Freezing; who, me? Right again.


I decided not to buy anything to wear this month. I really mean it. I have plenty of clothes. I also have really killer willpower. The main problem is that I’m totally and completely non-competitive. I just can’t be bothered. This might be why I basically find zero team sports interesting. You scored the most points? Meh. But give me a sport where I can be an individual and I’ll beat my own personal best over and over. Might be related to the willpower. 


I roamed and rambled all over this one for sure.  Happy midweek, folks.