If You Have Kids

There’s a funny story about this swimsuit, and on the verge of sharing it, I realized that it’s mostly about my kids. Which is basically all you think about / write about / talk about / post about if you’re a parent. Single people highlight vacations and dining experiences. Couples often obsess over pets. Once you’re a parent, nothing else matters. I’m exaggerating. Ok, I’m not. 


I really wanted this Agent Provocateur swimsuit a couple years ago and I needed to trek up to San Francisco to try it on and get it in the store at a great sale price. That’s basically as complicated as gold medaling in the Olympics if you have three kids and a full time job. I took my two older girls up to the City and we made a nice outing of it. Trolley car line was way too long for my pace, so I told them Muni was “just as fun” and we rode a couple stops on the underground section. I’m such a fun mom! 


When we got to Agent Provocateur, I found the swimsuit and took the girls into the velvet cloaked,  whiskey goblet accessorized, decadently wallpapered dressing room that is so very much the AP standard. I started undressing to try on the swimsuit, and my middle child yelled “oh my god mommy why are you taking off your clothes in a store?!” At which point I realized that all her clothes had either been hand-me-downs or Target buys and she’d never been in a dressing room in her life. 


We learned about more than Muni that day. And I got this killer swimsuit at a great price. 


Happy Wednesday, readers.