You and Your Issues

I figured out recently that I have a sensory issue. That means I kind of self diagnosed using the Internet, but whatever. I always knew I did not enjoy amplified sound or any type of single-sense deprivation (darkness, for example). And that I really dislike the way synthetic fabrics feel. But I didn’t know that these experiences were classifiable. What a relief that they are. Now I can deal with it all. 


I really love everything about this suit except for the way it feels. Green and white plaid! A-line skirt! Major cloverleaf lapels! But it’s a very 1960s polyester and it just itches me beyond belief. Like get me OUT of here. 


I kind of threw that auditory issue in the mix like it’s nbd but tbh (haha) I have only been to the movie theater once in the past decade. It’s that bad. 


I sound like I’m issue city but really this is kind of the only big one. And considering I did go to the movies recently (that one time in ten years was like a month ago) and I’m standing here in polyester, I’d say I’m handling the situation pretty well. 


Cheers to you and your issues, whatever they may be!