Spring, Actually

Jody and I shot this set on this first day of spring, which turned out to be an amazingly rainy day, and here I am posting them on what is yet another rainy spring day.  In a lot of places, that makes sense.  But in northern California, spring usually harkens the end of the rainy season, not the continuation of it.


I thought strappy lingerie might be impractical, but it's actually totally easy to wear.  I got this set at my favorite independent lingerie boutique, French Theft, in Los Gatos.  It's by Bluebella.  


I really enjoy the way that Jody and I collaborate.  He doesn't edit the photos he takes for me; he gives me the untouched images and I edit them myself.  I actually decided to filter them but not to re-touch them for this set. As you can see, I have an enormous bruise on my thigh.  And like a lot of moms / older women / people with light skin, I also have plenty of other physical signs of a life well lived.


This yellow set is from Anthropologie.  I love it! The color is so much spring, even if the weather outside is not. I wish it were possible to touch photos.  This set is amazingly cozy.  I want to live in it.


Thanks for the images, Jody! And thanks for reading, everyone.