Vintage Vibes

This outfit is exactly something I would have worn in high school, which made it a massively comforting thing to wear. Except it wouldn’t have been vintage Miu Miu and Moschino because those aren’t things you can easily find in rural Connecticut at age 15. 


I had this really great boyfriend from when I was 14 until 17. His name was Michael Thompson and I just adored him. I think I was lucky to have a really awesome first boyfriend. Honestly, he’s probably the reason I divorced my first husband and found the best possible life partner in my current husband. The Michael metric has served me well.  


Michael was very sporty and I was not. I really appreciate that he wasn’t phased by my interest in daily fashion experiments. A lot of adults told me I looked cool, and a lot of my peers did not. A lot of adults also told me that Michael and I had a mature relationship and I don’t think my peers really even knew how to assess relationship maturity. It’s pretty awkward in high school to be cooler with adults than your teenage counterparts, but luckily I was like whatever. Being myself just made the most sense. 


I got these boots when I was 14, which makes this post ultra therapeutic. By the way, how am I doing?


Thank for reading!