Sometimes you just hit your stride and you can roll totally unedited.  I remember back when I was a classroom teacher and I had to update the whiteboard every day.  Some days I just could not get the handwriting looking good, and some day, I just nailed it on the first try.  Please excuse that awkward lead-in to a bit of a boudoir series.


I'm chronically frightened of indoor shoots because my sunglasses are my security blanket.  I have big eyes, and I tend to be overly expressive with them, and sunglasses are very forgiving.  But what fun is it to always stay in the comfort zone?


I used to listen to country music ironically when I was in college.  Then I started listening to it un-ironically after I read the short story "The Reappropriation of Culture" by Percevall Everett. Thank you, Confederacy, I'll take that music and you can go eff yourself.  By the way, I'm not actually that aggressive.  It was mostly a figure of speech.  Mostly.


Sometimes the highly edited is wonderful.  It's escapist.  I have enough real life already; I certainly enjoy taking a break from time to time.  But like any party, it's best not to overstay your welcome.


Want to know what else besides this photoset is completely unedited? This blog post.  Happy Friday! Thanks for reading.  Lingerie by Lise Charmel and garter belt by Bluebella.