Polka Dance Club

Polka dots are fun, but they aren't all that fun to talk about. What is there to say, really? Stripe alternative, for the summer.  Let's talk about the polka instead.


I had a social studies teacher when I was in 8th grade who was from Estonia.  He was so old.  He seemed ancient, in fact, but like so many very old middle school teachers, he also seemed to have this ability to just keep going.  He never seemed fatigued. He'd sneak outside between classes to smoke cigarettes, which on the surface made him seem like a bad role model, but actually, made him seem relatable and authentic.


My good friend and I were squarely in a Violent Femmes music phase in 8th grade, and a byproduct of that was that we both became pretty fascinated with accordion music.  Mr. Koiva heard us discussing this interest in accordion music and struck up a conversation about the polka.  It turned out he was quite well versed in the moves, and to our delight, offered to teach it to us.  He started a polka dance club in the gymnasium one a week after school, which we enthusiastically attended.  While no footage exists to memorialize our accomplishment, 1994 was truly the year that the polka dance took smalltown New England by storm.


Happy Monday! Thanks for reading.