Lately I’ve been really leaning in on compassion. And it’s in direct response to what feels like an increasing amount of discontent and hostility in the universe. Perhaps it was simply mars in retrograde, but my gosh, what a tense month or so it’s been. 


It’s only compassion that ever gets us anywhere. Getting even or worse - trying to get the upper hand - just keeps us on the hamster wheel of discontent (awkward analogy?). Plus it’s ugly. We don’t know anyone’s story, really , but own own. And chances are the person who is the meanest to you has had the toughest lot in life. It’s like that, isn’t it?


On a lighter note, I have been looking everywhere for a pair of simple brown frame / brown lens glasses and this pair from Flower Eyewear is really doing it for me.


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Madewell jeans (past season) // Flower sunglasses // Kate Spade boots // Fleur du Mal bodysuit