I dug up the old byline of this blog from when I first started it to see if I’ve been true to my original vision (not that I am by any means averse to the process of evolution. Let’s please evolve! But let’s not do so without some sensible guidance). With that, let’s move along to the original byline, which was “proper by day, glam by night.”


This is as core to my sartorial (do we just hate that word by now? Like a cool song ruined by too many call-in requests on the radio) preferences now as it was when I started. Parenthetical asides seem also to be as core to my literary preferences now as when I started, by the way.


A good friend of mine described to me once how she sees healthy evolution in a romantic relationship. “It’s like there’s a very flexible elastic band binding the two of you together,” she explained, “and it can accommodate either person stretching quite a ways in his or her own direction before it starts to develop any tension. And the tension should just very gently bring the one who has gone so far slightly back on course, so both of the individuals can grow, and the relationship grow, too.”

It’s the best advice I’ve ever received about how to participate in a relationship, and it has served me well not only in evaluating the process of my life with my husband, but also my children, my friends, my colleagues, and even this blog.


Here’s to evolving, while also staying true to what really matters. Thanks for reading, and happy Sunday, everyone!

Vintage Catherine Regehr dress // Thrifted clutch (no brand) // Kate Spade boots // J.Crew earrings (last season) // Miansai cuff (similar)