It's All Relative

We went to Lake Tahoe over the holidays and the temperatures were in the low 20s. That felt so cold! But then my husband told me a story he had heard on the news about the coldest place in the world, which, I think, means the place that consistently has the lowest recorded temperatures, and it is a small town in Siberia. The people who live in the town are used to temperatures in the negative 40s and 50s.


For a while, it was a really big deal to be a communist, or in a same-sex relationship, or consume marijuana, or show your nipples in a photo online. I’m sure for some people, these things are still really big deals. And there will be new really big deals that we need to navigate culturally forever and ever.


I have a bad habit of taking my really big deals way too seriously. I like to get all wrapped up in them and analyze them to death and figure out two million different possible solutions and discuss each of those possibilities with every single person who will listen to me. They eat me up until they finally go away. It leaves me exhausted and I am not at all convinced this habit is useful. Mostly, I just need to breathe deeply and acknowledge that the passage of time often does magic to make really big deals into small manageable deals.


Try not to get too hung up on your circumstances even if they are trying their hardest to get you hung up. Because honestly, it’s all relative.

Happy weekend! And as always, thanks for reading.

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