Today I’m partnering with Basic Invite to talk about one of dearest topics in the world: babies! Finding out you’re expecting is often the most wonderful kind of surprise. It certainly was for me both times that I was pregnant. And the initial surprise is followed by so many more delights: feeling the first kick, seeing your baby’s form take shape (and change your own form too — usually forever), and the excitement of the gender reveal, either mid-pregnancy or when baby is born.

But the aching truth is that not every pregnancy brings only sweet surprises. Losing a pregnancy is a heartbreak beyond measure.

When I found out recently that my sister-in-law Angeles is going to have a baby, I felt really excited. But I felt nervous, too. Angeles lost her second son in a premature birth several years ago. To sort out all my worries and hopes, I called on my good friend Michelle.


Michelle is a mother of three, and she lost her middle child at the end of the pregnancy. She and I were work colleagues and both pregnant at the same time. I was profoundly sad when her son passed away. I knew her reservoir of strength and wisdom would be exactly the right place to find guidance.


“The worst thing you could do for Angeles,” Michelle told me, “would be not to acknowledge the son she lost. Remember to include him in her family. Recognize the hope for this new little life while recognizing the loss that came before.” With Michelle’s advice in hand, I invited Angeles to come and talk about a way to celebrate her growing little one.


Angeles was totally on board for the idea of having a baby shower. I had been so caught up in my worries about how to talk to her about pregnancy after loss that I forgot to focus on being joyful. But once we sat down together to look through some invitation ideas, I remembered how many wonderful surprises a pregnancy can bring.


Angeles doesn’t know yet if her baby is a boy or a girl, so we had a lot of fun playing around with different color combinations and ordering custom samples of our ideas. The invitations were all so cute that we could barely choose just one. Basic Invite offers nearly unlimited color choices, so finding combinations for anyone’s taste and preferences is easy.


We both loved the garden themed invitations and the ladybug baby shower invitations, too. Basic Invite offers a lot of adorable baby shower invitation cards and a whole rainbow of envelope colors to send them in (as well as an address-capturing service, which is worth all the gold in the world if you ask me).

We are both so excited about what is to come for this new little one!


Thanks to Basic Invite for partnering on this post!