Memory Lane

I was born in 1980 and my mom spent my entire childhood volunteering on the executive committee of the PTA, bless her soul. I myself can barely remember when and where the PTA for my own children’s school meets, let alone actually attend the meetings. But! If I were a PTA boss, and wanted to evoke the spirit of my mom in the 80s, I’d definitely wear exactly this outfit.


My own mom was a bit more sensible, as really befits anyone with three little kids (myself included). So, if there were actually her outfit, she would swap out the handbag for a classic Coach flap bag and the ankle boots for a flat-heeled Frye version. Also, she had a perm, which you’ll just have to imagine for the purposes of this vintage PTA fantasy discussion.


I also specifically remember that my mom did not like sunglasses or mint chewing gum whatsoever when I was little. I think now she likes sunglasses, but do not go near her with mint anything. In fact, it was forbidden when I was a kid. We even had cinnamon toothpaste.

I’m not up for rehashing my entire youth, so let’s leave it at this brief outfit analysis.


Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

Vintage Cacharel blouse via ReLove // Anthropologie pants (sold out) // Sam Edelman shoes // Bottega Veneta sunglasses