The Life-Changing Magic of Sunshine

Marie Kondo is basically my soul sister and I’ve been magicking (is that the real spelling, or the Harry Potter spelling?) my organization since way before she ever announced that was a thing. The first time my now-husband, then-boyfriend ever saw my closet he said “wow, for a person who is interested in fashion you barely own anything!” (highest praise). I guess now Marie has a show, because all of a sudden she got really popular. I don’t have a TV, and I know I can use my computer for everything I could use a TV for, except I don’t have any of the habits people who watch TV shows have, so I don’t watch TV.

Great sentence; I’m sure you followed right along!


Instead of talking about the life-changing magic of organization (because if someone has to show you the light about that, you’re not a Type-A Sagittarius and to you, I say good effing luck) let’s talk about the life-changing magic of sunshine at the end of winter.


When the sun first shows up in a meaningful way roundabouts February, I feel like a cautious jilted lover who has just received an apology note. Like, maaaaaaaybe this will be the real thing. But by the second day it shines real warmth down upon my pale, winter-weary self, I mean! I want to run outside in a bikini and jump for joy. It might only be 62F, but start the barbecue.


Friends, I think we are almost there. Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading.

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