Love at First Sight

I saw this top in a candid photo of a model after a PWF show a couple of years ago and had the most visceral reaction to it. Oh my gosh, I thought, that top is ACTUALLY PERFECT! Usually my love is more of a slow burn. I see something, and find my thoughts drifting back to it again and again. Then I check the price, the materials, the colorways, and slowly I build trust that, hey, yeah, we could really be good together.


I don’t know that I really believe in love at first sight. But I do believe in trusting intuition. And I also believe that a lot of what feels like love “at first sight” is actually just an outward-facing, surface-level recognition of some core element of oneself as reflected in the object of desire. In other words, it is completely legitimate, but it isn’t anywhere near as simple as actually falling in love on the spot. The love is already in us, patiently waiting to manifest when the stars align.


I didn’t set out to do a Valentine’s Day type of post, but I guess I did.


Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading.

Morley top // Agolde jeans // Dr. Martens shoes // Mother socks