I felt more clarity, focus, and energy in the past week than I have felt in all of the rest of the weeks in the past year combined. And I figured out why: the full moon coincided with the spring equinox.


Apparently this hasn’t happened since March 20, 1981, which—I’m glad you asked—I find especially significant because that occurred right after I was born. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? I probably won’t be able to answer that without decades of therapy, meditation, and a dash of really good luck, so let’s leave it in the rhetorical camp for the time being.

I’m not one to check “the charts” regularly, so I didn’t even know about the supermoon deal until after the fact. Which, I think, makes the effect even more legit (amiright?) because wow, I was doing projects I had put off around the house, initiating meaningful conversations with my husband, and making headway on difficult issues at work, all on less sleep than I usually require to just get through a basic day.


I think we might be waiting quite a while for the next time the moon and the equinox line up, so I’m going to focus on harnessing at least a bit of that energy and bringing it into my life more regularly. I don’t want to zoom around in a state of mania, but I do want to bring deliberate focus and clarity to my daily efforts. What a good feeling.


Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading.

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