Feels So Good

My sister and I had a conversation recently where we discussed things we really shouldn’t do, but continue to do because doing them is just extremely satisfying. Her list included saying expletives when she’s really mad, which she feels is inappropriate because she has a three-year-old son, and doesn’t want to model this behavior for him. “But it feels SO GOOD to yell ‘SHIT’ when I screw something up!” she explained to me. She also likes drinking La Croix even though it comes in single use cans. She actually has the machine for carbonating water at home, but she keeps buying the cans because the likes the way the cold aluminum rim feels when she sips it.

I totally get it, and you do too.


Along those lines, I should really buy an electric car.  I self-describe as an environmentalist after all.  But I honestly can’t stand the idea, and I’ll rattle off a bunch of concerns to pad my decision with facts and figures, but the real reason is very simple.  I told my husband yesterday that I see the world as two camps: people who drive with one foot and people who drive with two.  I just can’t bear to join Team One Foot.

I also wish I didn’t let leftover food go to waste so often.  But I’m going to quote my daughter here: “leftovers just don’t taste newish.” Any time I pack them for my lunch the day after we’ve had them for dinner, a little part of me dies.


What are your vices? And are you indulging them? Curious to know who tries to overcome them and who just opens the door and lets them come in and stay awhile.


By the way! My mom made me this skirt from an old linen shower curtain from Restoration Hardware that we didn’t need anymore after we remodeled our bathroom. Top from Tobi. As ever, thanks for reading, and happy Sunday!