Don't Call Me Cute

I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently about sexy versus cute. “I love cute,” I explained, “but I can only do sexy.”

Let’s unpack that today, shall we?


Some of sexy versus cute is definitely cultural. I was raised on the notion that women should be fiercely independent. There’s no room for cute. Somebody might take advantage of that! Don’t act cute; you could end up screwed. In fact, don’t even play at being cute because that might backfire, too.


As an adult, I have a total appreciation for cute, and I’m even taking notes on how to ease into a cuter version of myself. But sexy remains an easier and more authentic feeling mode of self-expression.


I suppose in some oblique way this post serves to mark International Day of the Woman. To all the cute and sexy people out there, as well as everyone else: know yourself, be yourself, love yourself!

Thanks for reading. Happy Sunday!

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