Intuition, I’ve learned, is one of the best and latest-developing cognitive processes. I swear I thought I had good intuition much earlier in life, but I did not. I had very clumsy intuition until fewer than ten years ago. Maybe it’s another element of the magic of turning 30.


Maybe it’s actually the ability to access intuition with clarity that develops later. It feels like it’s sort of always been inside me, but maybe I just didn’t have the proper key to unlock the place where it was kept. Certainly as I have become better at long-term planning, weighing hypothetical variables, and incorporating a larger number of moving pieces into my overall plans, my intuition has become sharper.


I notice it most when I step outside of my normal routine. When I’m meeting new people, and traveling to new places, I rely on my intuition a whole lot more (I think) than I do on any regular day of the week. It’s a dormant sixth sense that wakes up whenever I need it, and I thank myself, as well as my lucky stars, for delivering it to me when I need it most.


Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading. Photos by Spankie Thomas.

Citizens of Humanity jeans // Anthropologie top (old season) // Banana Republic jacket