But for Grace

I read all of the Time Magazine twenty-five year retrospective on Kurt Cobain’s life and death yesterday, and realized for the millionth time that there but for grace go all of us.

I had not realized that the divorce of his parents had been such a formative moment in his lifelong struggle with depression. I think we all can point to specific moments from childhood that really stuck in the worst way, though, and it is truly curious to see how for some, life’s path builds resilience, while for others, it does not.


I have spent some time recently wondering to what extent we can choose what we are experiencing at any given moment. Can a person who gets a lot of anxiety about taking tests choose to have a non-anxious test-taking experience, for example? I for one do not enjoy numeric data analysis at all, but I have to do plenty of it for my day job. I’m hoping there is an authentic way for me to reframe my experience of it, and have it shift from something I dread to something I welcome, sincerely.

And if this is possible, to what extent might it be applied? I don’t know if this concept is powerful enough to steer the course of one’s life, but then again, what is life if not a series of simply placing one foot in front of the other time and time again.


When you are completely honest with yourself, what fears and worries are informing your life? Perhaps inviting a new attitude toward them will be the catalyst to actually alleviate them. Your ability to cultivate your own self-compassion, is probably the best gift you can give yourself.


Happy Sunday, and thanks for reading.

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