Ride the Wave

Lately I’ve been feeling more and more at peace with the things I cannot control. Two of my very favorite pastimes, yoga and riding my bike, have been completely elusive. My free time feels nonexistent, and my busy time is filled with plenty of obligations that frankly, I would rather not spend my time and energy on. And yet, it’s true that I feel more accepting of life as it is than I ever have before. And no, haha, I’m not about to invite you to join my cult.


I can’t say exactly what has shifted internally to bring about this peacefulness, but I do feel that it is something from within. I can’t point to any special milestone or event as bringing it about. Maybe this is just the deliciousness of getting older that makes the process of aging feel like a gift rather than a burden. Like finally, I get how to just enjoy my life and not sweat the small stuff, or really, even the big stuff.


I don’t feel like I’ve given up on anything; there isn’t any apathy at play. I still look forward to things a lot, and hope and intend to do them. I just feel quite at peace with whatever comes. Let’s ride this wave and see where it takes us.


Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading.

Sweater and skirt from Anthropologie (sold out) // Stuart Weitzman sandals (old season)