Cleaning Up

Is it possible to talk about cleaning without the Marie Kondo association anymore? I do love her; don’t get me wrong. Anyway, I don’t know, but let’s give it a try. Wipe clean the Etch-a-Sketch that is your brain, and we shall start fresh on the topic of cleaning—cleaning up and cleaning out.


I ruthlessly cleaned out my closet recently, and the end result was so incredibly satisfying, and also, so much more than what I expected. I feel like I also removed the clutter in my mind.  I’ve always felt that what we surround ourselves with is the clearest window into what we are feeling inside.  When I’ve got too much in my closet, it also means I’ve got too much going on in my life.  Somehow, removing the excess shirts and skirts helps me figure out how to reprioritize the one hundred and one directions I feel I’m being pulled on any given day.


Being a minimalist with maximalist urges is tricky.  I really need to let my inner compass guide what I say yes and no to across the board. I get excited about new ideas pretty easily, and, as the hypnotherapist I went to for help with my blood draw phobia told me, I have an incredibly active imagination. THIS COMES AS NO SURPRISE, but it’s always nice to have an expert confirm stuff. My work is to separate fantasy from reality, without totally taking all the fun out of my daily existence.

Naturally, I started in my closet, and I am feeling pretty good about whereI ended up at the end of the day.


Happy Sunday! Cheers to a long weekend. Thanks for reading.

Everlane tank // Lise Charmel panty (previous season) // Lazard Co. cuff