My grandfather had a typewriter he found at the thrift store that wasn’t the exact  one Jack London wrote Call of the Wild on, but it was the same year and model. It’s in my parents’ house now and I see it every time I visit them. 


I do write all my blog posts, and emails, and work memos, and so forth on a computer because I have to, but I still keep all my appointments in a handwritten book. I don’t think time needs to march on unexamined. It’s ok to do a few things the old fashioned way. To be honest, lately I’ve been wishing to do more than just a few things the old fashioned way because I don’t want to keep going at this break-neck pace anymore. 


I find analyzing what I’ve done and plan to do much easier than just being present. I’m working on it, though. Because as far as I can tell, you can’t take any of this with you when you go.  


Happy Wednesday, sweet friends! Thanks for reading. Dress is by Bridge and Burn.