Corset Powersuit

Truth be told, I'm terrified of most prints, with a few very specific exceptions, including plaid, small scale florals, and lace.  And even those, I can handle only in small doses.  Therefore, a plain black suit like the Banana Republic one in this post, is definitely one of my wardrobe security blankets.  However, as buttoned-up and proper as I tend to keep my looks, I do love making glamorous statements.  I've owned this Agent Provocateur corset for a few years and nothing makes me feel more sensual and powerful than putting it on.  I adore the timeless design of the black lace over pink (which isn't a color I embrace very often for outerwear despite that fact that is is one of my favorite picks for boudoir attire and undergarments.


With a statement item like a corset, I prefer to keep the rest of my look ultra classic and simple.  However, I did opt for patent leather stilettos to keep the overall impression elevated.  Otherwise, a plain black suit could too easily come off as business attire, which this look most certainly is not (well, I guess that depends what line of business you're in, doesn't it?).


The back of this corset is as gorgeous a statement as the front, and though I didn't opt for any photos of it, I did share one on Instagram recently.  Warming: if you haven't worn a corset before, make sure you have a trusty assistant to help you lace it up.  Although plenty of YouTube tutorials insist one can lace one's own corset, the process is infinitely faster if someone helps you.  And don't wear your corset to the all-you-can-eat buffet the first time you go out in it, if you know what I mean. There's definitely a learning curve on how tightly you want to lace it.


Happy Sunday, everyone!

Banana Republic blazer // Banana Republic pants // Agent Provocateur corset (old) // Ann Taylor clutch (old) // Valentino sunglasses (old) // Goorin Bros. hat // Tory Burch heels (old)

Timeless Silk Silhouette

My husband and I recently had a wonderful staycation at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley. When you have three little children, spending a night away from them in a big, comfy bed and ordering room service for breakfast is as good as it gets! 

Guess what? This entire glamorous look is thrifted! I kid you not. Ok, the faux fur scarf is actually from Ann Taylor, but I purchased the skirt and top secondhand, from different local consignment shops.  Lately I cannot get enough of jewel tones and silky textures.  And my goodness, the slit on that skirt goes for miles.  Va-VOOM!


I got these Marlies Dekkers seamed stockings from my friend Kate at French Theft Lingerie in Los Gatos.  I have worn them on repeat since receiving them and they are incredible! So comfortable, so well made, and such a compliment magnet.  I love classic looks, and fully fashioned stockings are right up there on the iconic style list.


Happy December! Hope you are enjoying the colder weather and using it as an excuse to cuddle someone special.

Kate Spade top (thrifted) // Custom skirt (thrifted) // Christian Louboutin heels //  Ann Taylor scarf // Marlies Dekkers stockings // Vivienne Westwood bag (old) // Bobbi Brown lipstick

Rustic and Elegant Gown

The Stanford Dish is one of the loveliest, most scenic places to hike or run.  I have enjoyed the hills and Oak trees for years, and the view from the top is just incredible.  I wore this Pronovias gown (which I really hesitate to call a wedding dress because it isn't a traditional-looking one at all) for my first wedding eleven years ago.  


I love it as much now as I did then and wanted to use it to showcase the idea that a wedding dress can be styled in new ways once the wedding is over. There are a number of Etsy artisans who will even completely re-invent wedding dresses for the owners; should one be interested in a more dramatic transformation.  Since my gown is already non-wedding-looking, I decided to style it with a blazer for a more rustic-meets-elegant feeling and leave it at that.  


Simplicity is always in style.