I don't spend time dwelling on what is or isn't best about my body. That has always struck me as vain, and additionally, a waste of time.  I find that instinct is best when it comes to eating and exercising.  I have never been on a diet, and I have never set out to exercise specifically to achieve any sort of body image-related goal.  Instead, I just listen to myself.  The inner thoughts do a pretty good job of telling me when I need to eat more or less of this or that in order to achieve a feeling of being healthy.  And the same goes for exercise. Each day should involve movement, and plenty of it! My body usually tells me when to start, and when to stop.  My job is to listen honestly to it, and act accordingly. With three kids, sometimes it is hard to find a moment to stop moving around so much!

Although I enjoyed the camaraderie of team or group sports when I was younger, I find that in adulthood, aside from my bicycle commuting, I gravitate most frequently to yoga because it gives me time to clear my mind and center my thoughts while I also work my heart and muscles. My wonderful husband is in the process of putting a yoga studio in our back yard so we both can do yoga more easily on a regular basis. I can't wait for the project to be finished!

We took a trip to Punta Cana last May, and one of the calmest moments was doing a bit of yoga on the beach while looking out at the waves along the shore.

Not every day can be a yoga on the beach day, though! Sometimes you just have to fit it in between your real life errands.

Let's be honest, a little retail therapy never hurts to motivate when it comes to exercise resolutions! My resolution this year is to be more mindful about incorporating yoga into my daily life. It doesn't hurt to get going in style! After years of boycotting the Gap and its subsidiaries because of owner Donald Fisher's financial ties to the logging industry in Mendocino county, I am once again shopping at Gap and Banana Republic (Old Navy runs way too big). The Gap Body fitness clothes are the right intersection of size, quality, and price, especially at this time of year!

Best of luck to everyone in achieving 2016 resolutions!

Weekend Wear

If I'm hanging out with my kiddos (favorite hobby, of course!) I have to keep it casual because whatever children come into contact with ends up covered in stains. Fact. Here's what I have going on today.

Which leads me to one of my best kept secrets.  If you are on the small side, depending on your bust and hip measurements, you can get away with shopping the kids department from time to time.  Bonus: it's way cheaper! For this look, I am wearing not one, not two, but three items I purchased in the children's department. Can you guess all three?

Sweater (old) - Gap Kids * Dress (old) - Gap * Necklace (similar) - J.Crew Factory (girls) * Tights (similar) - J.Crew (girls) * Shoes (not pictured) - Vans