Agent Provocateur Sale

To quote my mother, "it doesn't pay to buy crap." However, not everyone is rich.  Which is why the Agent Provocateur end-of-year sale of one of my very favorite shopping events.  I am a steadfast believer in the notion that investing in quality over quantity is important.  I share an 800 square foot house with four other people, and my closet is sized accordingly.  We have a small carbon footprint and we intend to keep it this way.  However, it's nice to have something new once in a while.  

Edit, edit, edit! Invest in classics. Buy quality.  

Now, on to my top picks from this year's Agent Provocateur sale.

1. Petunia Corset

Lavender and turquoise is my favorite color combination, and who can resist a good corset? Oh my gosh, buy it but don't buy my size, ok? The sheer side panels and floral designs bring a hint of ladylike propriety to an otherwise naughty garment.

2. Lyssandra Swimsuit

Happiness is an Agent Provocateur swimsuit.  I bought the Kimmi bikini last year and it is my favorite swimsuit. The Lyssandra suit is a one-piece, but it doesn't have the number one feature I fear in one-piece suits: the full torso coverage that invariably makes me feel like I am trapped inside a giant rubber band. 

3. Molly Kimono

I have been in love with every item in the Molly range since it was first released.  That emerald green is delicious! I own the Lacy Kimono in fuchsia and the fit is absolutely wonderful. If I were looking for a satin addition, I would not hesitate to scoop up the Molly Kimono.

I could go on and on, but in the spirit of buy less, not more, we shall stop with the recommendations at three.