Rustic and Elegant Gown

The Stanford Dish is one of the loveliest, most scenic places to hike or run.  I have enjoyed the hills and Oak trees for years, and the view from the top is just incredible.  I wore this Pronovias gown (which I really hesitate to call a wedding dress because it isn't a traditional-looking one at all) for my first wedding eleven years ago.  


I love it as much now as I did then and wanted to use it to showcase the idea that a wedding dress can be styled in new ways once the wedding is over. There are a number of Etsy artisans who will even completely re-invent wedding dresses for the owners; should one be interested in a more dramatic transformation.  Since my gown is already non-wedding-looking, I decided to style it with a blazer for a more rustic-meets-elegant feeling and leave it at that.  


Simplicity is always in style.