The Roaring '20s

There's no place I'd rather be than Filoli on Friday night in summertime! My original visit to historic Filoli was a trip with my husband for our anniversary this past April.  The full post on that visit is here. Once every summer, Filoli hosts a 1920s-themed garden party, which we attended this year. Between the vintage car show and the live jazz on the tennis court, it was nothing short of delightful!

I chose a dress that is near and dear to me for this event. It is my own grandmother's prom dress, circa 1930.  Now, I realize that is just a shade later in time than the specific parameters of the event (1920s) but it certainly was close enough to the target era to blend in gracefully. I actually wore this dress once before to my own prom in high school. At that time, my grandmother was still alive and she was so excited to see me in it. We were both amazed that it fit me without any alternations to the original size - like grandmother, like granddaughter!

Wearing the dress a second time in such an appropriate context was a lot of fun for me, and perhaps even more meaningful than the first time I wore it because my grandmother has since passed away. When I wear it, I imagine her as a young woman, full of grace, beauty, energy, and from what the pictures I have seen indicate, smiling ear to ear with the most infectiously friendly  smile possible.

Here I am, in a dress that is eighty-six years young.

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for reading!

Dress - vintage * Shoes (similar) - Clarks * Bag (old) - Ann Taylor * Earrings (similar) - J.Crew * Necklace (converted from headband, similar)- Bebe * Ring - vintage * Headband - Anthropologie